We are most fortunate here in the U.S. to have such a wide range of hobbies from which we may choose. As I approach the final years of my life I look back on a life full of excitement and enjoyment having indulged in so many of these great hobbies. I experienced the thrill of drag racing, boat racing with a flat bottom Sanger propelled by a souped up big block Chevy. Yes, models also offered an excitement not to be forgotten. Most of my life has been dedicated to aviation. I built my first model when I was seven and have never stopped since then. My first "powered" model was one to remember. At that time there was no RC or U Control, just free flight. I spent over a month building what appeared to be a half decent effort. I set the controls and the timer. The plane was supposed to climb in circles and then the timer would shut off the ignition, the plane then gliding down and landing. The model lifted off and slowly circled and climbed as expected. Then it did something I will never forget. The timer did not work so it continued climbing until out of sight. I never saw it again.

I really enjoyed flying "combat" U Control. I also gave demonstrations such as flying two airplanes while seated in a beach chair.

Wayland with several "U CONTROL" models.
The flying wing models were used in "COMBAT."

Will this monster really fly?

I soloed in a J-3 Cub at 15 after seven hours. I believe I could have done it in less than half that time. Next came the PT-19 when I was 16, then the experience of my life when I soloed in the PT-17 Stearman. What a great airplane. There is no greater thrill than flying an open cockpit plane with helmet and goggles and of course the leather jacket and silk scarf. Landing a RC model comes in as a close second.

I have just started building again and thought perhaps some of you model builders could use this section to tell your stories and exhibit your workmanship.

Wayland Mayo, website historian

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