As my age advances faster than a speeding bullet, I have once again taken up model building. I have plans to include a section on RC as soon as I can get one built, but for a start will show my plastic collection. I prefer large scale, my favorite being the 1/48 B-29. I have three of these, they are beautiful models. I built seven 1/72 B-29s. I noticed an ad in the Historic Aviation magazine that had 1/18 Display Models. The description said,
"Best of all, these models require no gluing and need only a few minutes of assembly time." After reading that I considered that they were for children who could snap them together and take them apart. However, after looking closely at the photos of the models I was impressed how realistic they looked. So to satisfy my curiosity I ordered the P-38J, with 34" wingspan. The plane arrived in a very impressive box, well packed. It actually took me longer to get it unpacked than it did to assemble it. Total time required to assemble it was ten minutes. I thought I built halfway decent looking models but this P-38J is a real prize. The finish is absolutely perfect. No decals, all identifying information such as nose art is I guess air brushed, I am not sure. Colors are outstanding, recessed panel lines, moveable ailerons, simulated rivets, retractable gear, very authentic cockpit, an articulated pilot well detailed, assorted bombs and rockets, and drop tanks. I was extremely pleased with this model so I ordered an F/A-18 Hornet. This huge beauty is really breathtaking. It is over three feet long, and 12 pounds. The canopy opens, gear retracts, fully instrumented cockpit, articulated pilot, and incredible detail. I have ordered a F-16 Falcon which is similar in size to the F/A-18. I have also completed a P-51, P-47, and a Corsair. All are very nice and can be rated as very acceptable. I plan to continue constructing these until I have the complete collection. On some of the models the wings are difficult to attach and require some slight trimming of the snap parts for a proper fit. These models are made in China which explains the quality manufacturing. The workmanship is superior. My JU-87 Stuka Dive Bomber is a most striking and authentic model. In my opinion the best model in this series is the Hornet, with the P-38 coming in second, and the Stuka a close third.

Wayland and the 1/18 P-38 Lightning

1/18 P-38 Lightning

1/18 P-38 Lightning

1/18 JU-87 Stuka Dive Bomber

1/18 P-47 Thunderbolt

So far all models in this Model Airplane Section were built and photographed by Wayland Mayo.

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