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Note: Over half of you who read this article will disagree with it. However it is my personal opinion. Only time will tell.




Are we getting anywhere saying that our military aircraft and ships are sitting ducks. The Ronald Reagan is a typical aircraft carrier, at 1100 feet long. It is huge. Imagine an attack by hundreds of Exocet type missiles launched by submarine and smaller very fast boats. At present in our battle with Iraq and eventually with Iran we have numbers of ships in close proximity to land. If there ever was a sitting duck the aircraft carrier is surely one. Imagine when the first one goes down with 5,000 men on board, that will be the end of the aircraft carrier. I personally would not like to be on an aircraft carrier, a B-52, or an army tank. During WW11 our ship loses to the German submarine were enormous.
Russia and China are continually working with huge budgets producing improved missiles. The Russian S-400 system is a fearsome development.


It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize our need for an immediate development of "Quick Strike Units." The George Bush war has been going on longer than WW11. When do we get another wall and start engraving names? We have no plan, no desire to win, and a bunch of worn out Humvees. If you want to occupy a country for political reasons then that is our governments privilege. Fast strike forces are the answer, not bunching up all our troops in Baghdad. Our military leaders are not trained or prepared to handle anything different than what they have been doing.
We need newly trained brass.

Yes we need ground troops. The US is having problems raising 150,000 National Guard. North Korea has a one million man well trained well disciplined army.
China has over two million, and it's staggering to thing how many they could come up with. The bottom line here is that we surely do not want to get into a ground war with any country. We should stick with wars with countries like Granada. Russia reportedly has a one million man army. China has 4350 aircraft, recently developed the J-10 which has excellent possibilities. Admittedly all of these figures are approximate, and you can find different numbers on another listing.

So what is the most dangerous weapon? Has the US done anything right?
The US is blessed with a nuclear submarine force second to none. Ten Trident subs, armed with nuclear warheads and placed strategically around the globe could destroy the world as we know it. After analyzing other countries capability is there a final solution.? Of course there is. We need to get rid of "Sitting Ducks." We should form many fast strike groups, and increase our stockpile of different types of missiles. We need surface to air, surface to surface, ground to ground. The old man to man combat system has got to go. We just won't get into that type of war. It should never be considered. We can overrun these small countries like Granada, but the real truth will come out when we have the inevitable conflict with China.


Something to think about. China, Russia, and the US have huge stockpiles of nuclear missiles. All of the ones from China and Russia are pointed in our direction. The very first time within seconds after someone pushes the button to launch, it is certain that immediate retaliation will happen. When all the buttons are pushed that will be the end of the world as we know it. It is very doubtful if man can ever recover from such a complete disaster.


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