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Note: Over half of you who read this article will disagree with it. However it is my personal opinion. Only time will tell.

What about our fighter force. We just cancelled our best fighter, the F-14, a swing wing plane with impressive speed. It is doubtful if we have anything that will outfly the Russian SU-27 or MIG-29. Yes we kept the F-18, admittedly a good aircraft, for a strange reason. Maintenance was cheaper on the F-18, and was cheaper to produce. Introduced by General Dynamics in 1964, 43 years ago, was the F-111 swept wing Aardvark. This fighter- bomber had an impressive speed of mach. 2.5, around 1600 mph. It is now long gone. I am sure the Air Force brains will dispute the claims that the B-58 and the F-111 were acceptable. Our newest fighter is the F-22 Raptor, unproven, and only a few exist at the present time. How will it do against the SU-27 and Mig-29? Don't forget that Russia and China are experimenting with new improvements and new aircraft.






We are now getting close to the real meaning of what this story is all about. The whole point is to acknowledge the superiority of a complete missile system and a group of fast react forces. Russia and China have known this and are upgrading their capability every day. Russian missiles are known for their capability, and China will soon have the most powerful military system in the world. Don't forget it was a Chinese missile that hit the orbiting satellite. Is it possible if necessary they could destroy our communication satellites which produce GPS and our complete navigation system. With no GPS it would be a blow to our guidance system. Please remember that Argentina embarrassed the British navy in the Falkland Islands confrontation. Argentina, with limited equipment gave the British a little more than they bargained for. The Super-Etendard aircraft with it's Exocet missile
Was a formidable force. It could have been a lot worse except most of the Exocets failed to explode. This problem of course has been corrected. The Exocet is an anti-ship missile. It can be launched from surface units, submarines, and aircraft. The Exocet, which means Flying Fish, is combat proven, with continued modifications. The Exocet is a sea skimming, sub sonic, fire and forget, anti ship missile. Designed for the French Navy, the original missile has been upgraded to the SM-39 torpedo tube launched anti ship missile. Range is roughly 35 miles. This missile when launched by a submarine, skimming the water at .9 mach, will be most difficult to destroy. The target coordinates are fed to the system which uses an inertial guidance system. Flying at 2.5 meters above the water, it activates it's own radar which guides it to the target. It uses solid propellant. It is important to realize that this is only one of the many missiles of type.

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