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Note: Over half of you who read this article will disagree with it. However it is my personal opinion. Only time will tell.

WAR! Hand to hand combat?
The world has always been plagued with wars. The U.S. has certainly had it's share. War tactics through the centuries have had both sides facing each other with huge amounts of soldiers and equipment, clashing in hand to hand combat. Each side built up huge amounts of tanks, aircraft, manpower, and like a football game faced each other head on. In WW1 both sides faced each other with fixed bayonets. The strategy has always been more and more of everything for the slugfest. The military science and tactics has always been the same. The U.S. has always used the same strategy. Our factory production has always proved to be the difference. The only reason we won WW11 is the fact we produced more ships faster than the Germans could sink them, and more planes than they could shoot down. The United States has always been the greatest country in the world. Our military leaders were ready for any conflict, and who knows, maybe God was on our side. We always had a capability to produce awesome weapons very fast and in huge quantity. Everyone was ready to give their life for their country, and thousands did. We did what was necessary to protect this country. So what has happened to us to have so many failures? North Korea, about the size of Florida, caused us to back down when hordes of Chinese crossed the border. Vietnam was worse, as we were decisively defeated. Russia and China devoted to designing and building masses of weapons. Are we going to go with hand to hand combat with them?


And so our archaic and predictable strategies never change because our military brass all have a one track mind. Every war exactly the same. Really? What about Vietnam, surprising us with a "different" kind of war, and inscribing over 58,000 names on a wall. The US was not prepared for this kind of conflict, so we used the old methods that had always been used. Right now we are faced with the same situation in Iraq. The enemy doesn't want to conform to "conventional" war.

When the US is involved in a war we gather our troops in a central location. In this central location we have a big chow hall, bath facilities, game room, and other comforts. With all our troops gathered in one spot it is easy for the enemy to do extreme damage with small, quick action units. Our thinking will never change, with our leaders untrained in any alternative actions. Lesson # 1. Never gather your troops in large groups, never line your aircraft in a row.

The purpose of this article is to advise a change is necessary. If not the US is going to be in for a big surprise. So what is the difference between our conflict with Iraq and what has happened all through the centuries? We are faced as in Vietnam with a new kind of warfare and we are not prepared for it.


Now the facts. All of our forces are in for a real education if they don't recognize you cannot use the same old equipment forever. Some of the following ages will probably surprise you. Let's begin with the B-52. It was introduced in 1952. It is now over 50 years old. At 600 mph or less it is our first sitting duck. Look what
happened over Hanoi during Vietnam. Missiles were raising havoc with the B-52s. Russian missiles were devastating our fleet. Russia and China are going full speed ahead with missile improvements and modifications. Don't we have other bombers? The B1-B is not much faster and has a ceiling of less than 60,000 ft. Don't forget Gary Powers was flying the U-2 in the 70,000 ft. range when a Russian missile had no problem reaching it. That was in 1960, 47 years ago. The new production of missiles has dramatically improved since then. What about our "invisible" B-2 Spirit? This overrated plastic flying wing was brought out in 1988, and is surprisingly slow. Maybe 475 mph and maybe 50,000 ft. New Russian missiles would devastate the old B-52, the beautiful swept-wing B1-B, and the "invisible" B-2. Now what? We don't have any other bombers. Maybe we can modify a DC-3. The following descriptions of what we "used" to have will surprise you. In 1956, an incredible 51 years ago, we had a bomber that could penetrate targets in the enemy heart land while flying at great altitudes at more than twice the speed of sound, the world's first supersonic bomber. It set 19 world records at over 1300 mph. It could carry a massive Nuclear bomb load. This plane, over 51 years ago could fly at twice the speed of anything in our present fleet. It was the B-58 "Hustler." I am sure it will be pointed out there were problems with it, mostly electronic. We could have corrected those faults. Compare our previous capability with today's "sitting ducks." Russian and Chinese surface to air missiles would make it unpleasant to be in one of our new generation bombers. We do not have any replacements planned, so I presume we will go another 50 years with what we've got.




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