N. Korea Claims To Have The Military Power And The Political Will To Defeat The US

First of all, he boast that North Korea is the only country ready and willing to accommodate the U.S. in a total war. These threats cover the full range of consequences of what will happen to the U.S, which of course is speculation. His listing of every single gun, tank, artillery, aircraft, missile, and on and on, is most impressive, and if true represents a most formidable adversary. His description of the underground tunnel system which covers most of N. Korea represents a huge military problem. I can find no proof the U.S. has anything to penetrate these tunnels. As far as the biological weapons are concerned I can only say that every country in the world should express their condemnation, once again assuming the report is true.

It seems like the U.S. is again headed for defeat, but all is not lost. U.S. war tactics will have to change.

Please look at the index of WWW.B-29s-over-korea.com. Scroll down until you see "Outdated U.S. military tactics need drastic change." I have repeatedly warned that the old school by incompetent leaders of the U.S. must change it's entire concept. It is inconceivable that we would dare fight WW I again. Our equipment is outdated, and in insufficient quantities to defend us. Our F-15s are structurally questionable. I have mentioned "sitting ducks." Can you imagine sending a 50 year old B-52 over Pyongyang? The army tank, naval ships and even the Aircraft Carrier are easy prey to missiles. We recently developed a 5th generation fighter aircraft, the F-22. This great addition to our dwindling force was cancelled by Robert Gates and President Obama. The reason, they wanted a "cheaper aircraft," and decided we could go with the F-35. Well that's just fine. Except it was just announced the F-35 would be held up for several years. That leaves us with the F-18, which is a great airplane, but could it compete with the 5th generation fighters of Sukhoi and Mig? It leaves us with one bomber, the B-1B. How will it survive masses of missiles? The U.S. can afford to give "Wall Street" a trillion dollars to be paid in bonuses but cannot afford an air force. I have not mentioned the tanker for refueling. Planes won't go far without these. Worse yet, Australia, set to buy our F-35 claims it is inferior to the SU-27 and the SU-30.

Is it possible, after losing the war in Korea and Vietnam that we would try the "Old System"
again? American presidents love war, and many have actually created reasons to get involved. The war in Korea was senseless, and we lost not only the war, but 36,018 of our best men using outdated tactics. When the French were soundly defeated in Vietnam (why were they there?) the U.S. jumped at the chance to become involved in another war. This time it was much worse as we lost 58,202 men and had to run for our lives to get out of there. President Bush wanted a war with Iraq so bad he created the "weapons of mass destruction"
accusation. Next, President Obama promised if he was elected he would bring our troops home. Not only were they not brought home, we intensified a war with Afghanistan. The Russians fought that war for eight years and lost. How will the U.S. do any better? Were any of these "presidential wars" worth losing even one American?

May I state my qualifications for writing this article: I flew 50 missions over Korea during the 1950-53 war. I am very familiar with the very accurate anti-aircraft fire over Pyongyang, as well as the Mig-15s over "Mig Alley." What actions will we take in our next war with our aging equipment? We have missiles that can accurately hit any point in the world. I have heard of the new Russian bomb that will take out an aircraft carrier. They call it one bomb, one ship. The loss of one of our carriers with 6,000 men would be catastrophic. As to our aging equipment, can you imagine us sending a B-52 over Pyongyang?

V-750V-1D Missile on LAUNCHER

The North Korean Air Force uses the SU-25, and MIG-19, MIG-21, and MIG-29. The Su-25 has been successful in several wars, and although aging is still operational The MIG-19 is obsolete due to it's age, lack of proper maintenance. The Mig-21, although aging is very capable if flown by a competent. The N. Korean pilot is noted as being inferior to pilots of other nations. American pilots are known as being the best in the world. This takes us up to the MIG-29. This plane is a very fine aircraft and is equal to any production aircraft by other countries.


My final judgment. Any military confrontation can be handled successfully by the U.S. We have the most deadly weapon in the world, difficult to locate, and virtually impossible to destroy. The U.S. has eighteen Ohio Class nuclear powered submarines. Each sub is carries missiles with nuclear warheads. They could sit off the coast of Korea, or any country, and completely destroy it in a matter of seconds. Our Navy numbers 5,000 Officers, and 55,000 enlisted men, all qualified technicians. We have the capability to enlarge our fleet, well known as being the most formidable military unit in the world. Why use hand to hand combat when we can use our sub fleet. Most of you will object to using this kind of force. What if it is used against us first? Are we willing to lose another war, and the next time millions of men.


I visited the huge cemetery in Luxembourg to pay my respects to General Patton. Standing there overlooking the thousands of white crosses, the air was so thick I could hardly breathe. All of those fine men, to remain the same age forever. Am I the only person to care about thousands of our men being killed? No one else seems to care. As I looked at the rows of crosses I only had one thought. WHY?


It appears there will be no end to my story until North Korea uses the Atomic Bomb, possibly starting WWIII. On March 26, 2010, a very predictable occurrence took place, as N. Korea sank a S. Korean ship. It is obvious that N. Korea sank the S. Korean ship "Cheonan", which was on a routine but somewhat questionable patrolling mission in disputed N. Korean waters. S. Korea had been warned several times that any future penetration into their territory would lead to military intervention. The claimed intervention happened and the Cheonan was apparently sunk by a torpedo. The ship exploded and sank immediately. Of the crew of 104 a reported 54 were unaccounted for. Six naval ships and two coast guard vessels rushed to the scene to save the crew, and actually fired at an apparent ship in the distance. So far we have not gotten to the real story: S. Korea claims that N. Korea had nothing to do with the incident, as the Cheonan actually hit a rock, exploded, and sank. Better yet, the shooting by another ship was at a flock of birds. Actually the most preposterous story ever told. About 45 minutes after the sinking the White House was notified. It is of no surprise that neither Press Secretary Robert Gibbs or President Obama have yet to even acknowledge that the event ever took place. This story is so pathetic that it really belongs in the funny papers, except it is not funny. How will we know when N. Korea actually drops an atomic bomb on who knows where?


Research and story by Website Historian, Wayland Mayo

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