In spite of the Chinese intervention our troops were still thinking about being "home by Christmas". MacArthur wanted to give an ultimatum to China which would have provoked Russia. He wanted to bomb Manchuria. His aggressive plans were upsetting both the British and U.S. Governments who feared WWIII if MacArthur was allowed to proceed. His misjudgments had a potential for catastrophe. His document for victory brought an accusation of "an insane plan". MacArthur announced that "tell the troops that when we get to the Yalu River they can all go home. You will be home by Christmas". MacArthur soon had numerous enemies. Matthew Ridgway objected to his plans. The situation in Korea was becoming precarious. Chinese troops were surrounding and overpowering many of our marine units, especially around the Chosen Reservoir. Weather at 20 below was taking it's toll. Soon the Eighth Army was in full retreat with a real catastrophe in the making. Most of MacArthur's requests were rejected outright as being unwise. Truman expressing his concern said "I should have relieved General MacArthur then and there". MacArthur sat in the Dai Ichi building, sizing up his "entirely new war".

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