General Douglas MacArthur Portrait.

The fame of Douglas MacArthur saturates American history. As a graduate of the United States Military Academy his exploits have filled numerous books. It is not intended here to even attempt to list his WWI and WWII accomplishments. His rise to power came through his brilliant and sometimes flamboyant victories in the brutal war in the Philippines during WWII. He had retired from active service in December, 1937, but was recalled to active duty as a Lt. General and named Commander of the U.S. Army Forces in the Far East in July, 1941. As Supreme Allied Commander he led American Forces in the Pacific Campaign, 1941-1945. He received the Medal of Honor for his defense of the Phillipines.

Father: General Arthur MacArthur
ctsy. Army Archives

General Douglas MacArthur at West Point
ctsy. Army Archives
MacArthur was born Jan. 26, 1880 on his father's post at Little Rock Barracks, Arkansas. His father was General Arthur MacArthur, military Governor of the Philippines. The circumstances of his death in 1912 are bizarre by any standards. He was called upon to make a speech at a reunion in the banquet hall. During his speech his voice suddenly faltered, he swayed, and then dropped dead. His adjutant, who had served him for years, took the Regimental blood stained flag, draped it over the dead General, and himself fell lifeless over his beloved chiefs body.

Old Arsenal Building, Birthplace of Gen. Douglas MacArthur (INSET) at Little Rock, Arkansas ctsy. Army Archives

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