Images, Impressions and Applications of the RB-29
in the Korean War from
An Aerial Photographer’s Point of View
by Wayland Mayo


Comment: The following article describes the difference between the B-29 and the RB-29. Wayland Mayo points out the duties and procedures in obtaining photographic coverage of enemy territory. You will see photos of the famous Yalu River, Manchuria, and interior photos of the RB-29 Tiger Lil. Wayland tells of the importance of obtaining aerial photography of enemy airfields, bridges, storage areas, rail movements, and techniques of night photography. Bomb damage assessment and photographic surveillance are absolutely necessary for bomber command to determine the course of a war. The RB-29 provides just such information.

Photo credits go primarily to Wayland Mayo. Where this is not the case, the specifc credit is documented in that photo’s descriptive text.

For a related story be sure to read about Wayland Mayo's Career in Aerial Mapping, a specialty he learned while in the AIR FORCE.
Biographical Story re Wayland Mayo
A Career in Aerial Photography

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