Jim Johnson's family was busy getting prepared for their son's return home from Iraq. He had been there for three tours, was wounded on his very first month of service. After six months of rehab he could have chosen to end his military career. Everyone knew what his decision would be. So Jim found himself back in familiar territory. This time was a little different. The violence had escalated, there were more attacks by the terrorist, and roadside bombs were becoming a real problem. Back home his family had been counting the days until his tour would be over. Jim's family had always been proud of him. He was an outstanding athlete, star football player, and pitched on the baseball team. One memorable occasion was when Jim saved a man from drowning. He graduated with honors and had offers from several companies. So it was not unexpected that his family would be proud of him. Jim's girlfriend promised to wait for their planned marriage until his tours were over.

So this was finally the big day everyone had waited for. He was scheduled to arrive on the five'o clock train. His family made plans to leave early enough to be there on time. They arrived about thirty minutes early. Both his mother and father were obviously very nervous, as it had been over a year since Jim was home. But now Jim Johnson was coming home. The train was fifteen minutes late, and upon arrival his family asked where to find him. They were directed to the last car, where Jim's casket was being unloaded. Jim Johnson was finally home.

Written by Wayland Mayo

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