Every week end a group of us would requisition a truck from the motor pool for touring the Island. At that time there were hardly any roads, mostly mud trails under construction by the Corps of Engineers. It really required a truck to go most anywhere. Favorite trips were

to Suicide Cliff where reportedly 10,000 Japanese jumped to their death.Also a favorite was any accessible beach area, as they were still covered with landing barges and military vehicles from the war.  

I discovered some vehicles had Cadillac engines. Now how could I remove one and what would I do if I did? Exploration of the many caves proved very dangerous as we found some contained many live rounds of artillery shells.

A bulldozer was working on one of the roads which cut very close to a large Okinawan burial area, and clipped the corner of one of the Mausoleums. It appeared the dead were placed in these above ground structures.

A friend accompanied me on the next week end back to the damaged burial site. A large stone had been moved by the bulldozer leaving an area just large enough to crawl through.I told my friend to stand watch while I crawled inside to photograph the interior, never done before. It was so musty inside I could hardly
breathe, pitch dark except for a small stream of light coming through the opening. Suddenly I heard a lot of screaming and yelling outside. A group of men from the village were trying to move the stone and close the opening, subjecting me to a horrible fate. I fought my way out, my friend and I were chased and beaten with sticks as we ran for our lives.

If you are still reading this you are probably wondering how could anyone be so ignorant as to do such a despicable act. I have no explanation, even questioning my own sanity at the time. I am forced to relive this nightmare over and over even to this day

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