The war between the US and North Korea in the 1950s has never been declared settled. We are legally still at war. North Korea has had over 50 years to work on their military acceleration. Two things are certain. One is that their million man army is a very formidable force, and is one of the best trained of any country. A very impressive showing of their troop capability will give anyone a second thought of attacking them on land. Secondly, they seam to be determined to produce a nuclear bomb and accumulate an impressive nuclear arsenal. Any act of nuclear aggression from North Korea would certainly be met with devastating consequences by the US. What their intentions are once their bomb is developed is not clear. They do not have one bomb at present. The US stockpile contains nearly 10,000 nuclear warheads. 5,735 are active and operational, while approximately 4,225 are held in inactive stockpiles. Even with our program to dismantle most of the reserve stockpile by 2013 we will still have over 5,945 operational and reserve warheads. It seems that any aggression by North Korea would be committing suicide, however the instability of their leadership cannot be overlooked.



Our Nuclear powered submarines offer our best means of carrying out an attack. By 2008 we will have 14 Nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines armed with over 2,000 warheads. These subs could easily sit off the coast of North Korea and obliterate the country. These subs will carry GPS guided missiles for improved accuracy. The Navy has stockpiled nearly 500 Trident 11 D5 missiles and continues to increase the number at a price of 66 million dollars per missile. A second conventional strike weapon is the Tomahawk sea-launched cruise missile.

Our Air Force has two types of long range bombers which can be used on Nuclear attacks. The B2 Spirit and the B-52H. These aircraft can deliver cruise missiles and gravity bombs, such as the high-yield bomb with variable yield up to 1.2 megatons.
This deterrent force is so formidable as to defy description if forced to strike.

North Korea has numerous internal problems, such as major food shortages, major human rights violations, and political repression. Kim Jong11 , the unstable seemingly warped individual is defiantly leading the country into absolute disaster.
North Korea has no oil. It spends most of its funds on increasing the military capability. They are moving to restart a frozen Nuclear facility which means they are less than a year away from the mass production of Nuclear materials. Our satellite photographs show that movement has resumed at the plant in Youngbyon, which was closed in our agreement in 1994. As information is difficult to obtain, it is uncertain how long it will take to produce enough plutonium to build a Nuclear weapon. Under certain circumstances it is thought North Korea could conceivably produce a bomb in a month or so. It is believed North Korea has 8,000 spent fuel rods stored, enough to produce one or two bombs. North Korea has admitted to a separate enriched uranium program. North Korea has conventional missiles powerful enough to reach Japan, but the ability to carry a Nuclear device is questionable. They are expected to continue to carry out the testing of sophisticated missiles. South Korea is caught in an undesirable position. If North Korea does develop their proposed weapons both South Korea and Japan could face a dangerous situation. North Korea tested seven ballistic missiles in 2006. One long range missile failed shortly after launch. The US has a legitimate worry over these events, as our satellite images indicate the missile is over 30 meters long. This missile could give Pyongyang the capability to strike the US for the first time.

The proposed launch will make China unhappy as it does not want North Korea to provoke the US and Japan into a large buildup of defense systems in the region. China could impose economic and military pressure on North Korea, but is unwilling to do so. China is afraid that a collapse of the North Korean government would cause great instability in the area. South Korea is also concerned about the possible collapse as that would bring a gigantic influx of refugees, and the financial cost would be considerable. Another concern South Korea has is the possibility of North Korea launching its huge conventional force against them which could be devastating.

The US, with the North Korea threat in mind, issued a warning to North korea on the day of the reported missile tests. The US warned that North Korea that their actions would be considered a grave threat to the US who would hold them fully accountable for the consequences of such action.

So the question remains. What exactly are the intentions of North Korea? The problem gains legitimacy when the unpredictable Kim Jong 11 is taken into consideration. Is he ready to commit suicide, and sacrifice his country? Most believe the answer is " yes." There are four men who are out of the same mold, with aggressive behavior driven by hatred. They are Adolph Hitler, Hugo Chevez, Kim Jong 11, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. All four are a great danger to world peace. We already had WW11 because of Adolph Hitler, which one of these tyrants will cause WW111?

By Wayland Mayo


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