So, tell us about the fall of America, Uncle Ben.

“Well son, I’ve wanted to tell you that story for a long time. Are you sure you’re ready to hear it?”

“The big problem started when the United States wanted to get involved in another war. We apparently didn’t learn a thing from Vietnam or Korea. The Bush administration was determined to start a war with Iraq, but for what reason.? Bush decided we would accuse Hussein of having Weapons of Mass Destruction. Problem was that none were ever found. That didn’t stop us from starting the war with the plan of killing Hussein. The war has been going on longer than WWII. Seems like every week Bush is asking for another 100 billion. That’s billion son, not million. We are now having major problems. We now find all of our money has been drained, and we owe over 10 trillion on the National debt. Our economy is in shambles, people are loosing their homes, thousands have lost their jobs because the Bush Administration has outsourced all the jobs to India and China. Hundreds of businesses are boarded up. The value of the dollar has dropped, and we are in a major recession. On top of recession we have inflation. Thousands are being laid off, with the average family struggling to get by. At the same time major businesses like Exxon are making over 40 billion, CEO’s are getting millions, and the gap between the haves and the have not is widening. Our military is short on equipment, we are short on military personnel, and the war has cost us over a trillion. That debt will be impossible to pay off, unless we continue printing more money. Funny thing, Iraq is not any better off now than it was under Hussein. The war is planned to go on indefinitely. Nobody cares about the wounded or dead.”

Can’t we win the war and bring our soldiers home and we won’t have to spend all that money?

“Well son there’s a lot going on right now. The worst is yet to come. The government has already used up our Social Security money. We can never pay the debt down. There was never any plan on the war, and there will never be a plan to pay off any of the debt. 20 years ago SS was bringing in a surplus of 160 billion a year, and now it is on the verge of bankruptcy. With the baby boomers coming there will not be money to pay them. Bush continues to push for another tax cut.”

“Anyway, OL Bush had his war going strong, and a planned trip to Mars. The average American has no idea that a downfall is awaiting our country.”

“So bush kept cutting taxes, the war dragged on, and Congress continued spending because that’s what they do. Many things are starting to happen now. Medicare is on the verge of bankruptcy. And Bush has spent the three trillion supposed to be in SS. Servicing the debt is eating up half the Federal Budget.”

Uncle Ben, how will we ever pay the money we owe?

“Well son, the truth is we aren’t going to. Whenever money is needed we just print more. Yes, the major recession is coming but nobody believes it will ever happen. Builders and car producers couldn’t build enough to satisfy the demand. There was another problem: The banks had loaned money to everyone at sub-prime rates even though they had no capability to repay the loans. All of a sudden thousands of people that bought half-million dollar homes and two Mercedes cars could not make the payments. The banks took a hit in the high billions, and then came the recession. You see all of our manufacturing plants closed, outsourced the work to other countries and laid off American workers. Cities like Detroit, with all the businesses boarded up and no jobs, are on the verge of a national catastrophe.”

Uncle Ben, can’t we get those jobs back?

“No son, they are gone forever, because the companies that outsourced the jobs are now making a fortune. After the housing problem, we will be faced with problems in the automotive industry. People with no job are not likely to buy a 30,000 dollar car. So everyone will put all of there purchases on their credit card. This will eventually explode. As long as the Bush ,Cheney duo continue to control the purse strings we will continue to go down the drain.”

“We unfortunately have another controversial situation ahead which will deal the final blow to our Nation. There are over 20 Million illegal Mexican aliens in the US, and no one knows what to do about the growing problem. Officials estimate there are as many as 100 million planning to pay us a visit. Our school system is overburdened, our jails are overflowing, and Congress wants to put them on medicare, social security, and subsidized housing. But there is a larger problem brewing. The Mexicans are taking over the jobs previously held by the blacks. It will not be long before the black man, uneducated and with no skill will not be able to find a job anywhere. The blacks have needed leadership for years. Yes, Al Sharpton does what he can, but the problem needs more attention. The last Civil War was in 1864. That was supposed to free the slaves. Their condition has not improved much since then. Our Government continues to ignore this explosive situation.”

Uncle Ben, if we have a big recession, banks close and nobody has any money, what will you do?

“Well son, years ago I did something I believe will help me. I bought Gold.”

Wayland Mayo


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