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It should be noted here that Adolf Hitler was born of a poor family, failed in his search for a meaningful profession, was kicked out of school and received no education, and jailed. He never had a friend. And yet with such a dismal start he was able to have such an influence on people that he became Chancellor of Germany and received millions of ovations from his supportive nation. The purpose of this comment is that he had everything going for him and after "arriving" he seemingly developed another personality. Maybe it was in him all along. Obviously this sinister personality would eventually erupt. Hitler developed a major obsession. He was obsessed with his own self, and could not suppress his desire to murder Jews. His hatred of Jews had been there all along. He was now in a position to become a very dangerous man. His most dangerous obsession effecting the entire world was his plans to rebuild Germany’s military might. It was time to begin his huge armament plans for Germany.

In 1935 Hitler’s Gestapo started a major wave of assaults, vandalism, and boycotts against German Jews. Hitler’s predictions in his Mein Kampf were coming true. He was now violating the Versailles treaty by reoccupying the Rhineland and proceeding with his plans for the huge military buildup. He passed a law making the Jews liable for any problems with the German economy, and with the German people. It is a known fact that he was suffering from stomach pains and eczema in 36 and 37.

In 1937 he ordered an immense expansion of all parts of the military to be ready for war, and if necessary against all countries.


One concept of his social policies was that of racial hygiene. He ordered death to any group he considered "unworthy of life." The first victims were children with any physical disability. His action, with help from occupied countries systematically killed between 11 and 14 million people, including 6 million Jews in concentration camps, ghettos. There were mass executions, and many were gassed to death, or died of starvation and disease while working as slaves. Along with the Jews, any political opponent or resistance group, homosexuals, physically handicapped, mentally retarded, prisoners of war, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and psychiatric patients to name only a few, were all killed. Hitler had full knowledge of the death camps, and spent much time trying to figure out how he could speed up the mass executions.

Hitler’s plans to conquer the world were just getting started. He advised his military to be ready for war with Britain and France. WWII was now a certainty, but Hitler overlooked what would amount to another mistake. Germany had no oil, it had to be imported along with other critical raw materials. By cutting off these supplies Germany could be defeated. He had a 10 million man army, thousands of aircraft, hundreds of tanks, submarines, thousands of big guns. It would not be easy to beat such a vast and well trained army. In spite of the worldwide aggression and horrible killing of millions, Time Magazine named him "Man of the Year" for 1938. His problems with other countries were increasing, as was his political popularity in Germany. In 1939 he approved the "Z" plan which called for a gigantic expansion program for the German navy, intended to crush the Royal Navy. In 1939 he again ordered all disabled infants born in Germany to be killed, including those with mental conditions. Once again he pushed for the death of any disabled adults. He demanded the complete annihilation of the entire Jewish race.


Hitler had an obsessive fear of an early death and had a feeling he did not have long to accomplish his diabolical plans of death. Starting with the invasion of Poland, Germany invaded Denmark, Norway, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Hitler was on his way to his planned world domination.


On 22 June 1941, 3 million German troops attacked the Soviet Union, opening up another front which would eventually cause the complete destruction of Germany. Hitler claimed that this was a preventive war to impede a Soviet attack. When asked what to do with the Russian Jews he replied "kill them."

Hitler declared war on the U.S. four days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. As his judgment became more erratic his real lack of ability became obvious. He was losing battle after battle as he lost his entire 6th Army in Stalingrad. He deliberately refused to allow them to retreat, and said they would stay until the last shot was fired. And so they did, and suffered a colossal defeat at the hands of the Russians. The Russians steadily forced Hitler’s troops to retreat along the Eastern front. Next came "Operation Overlord" which landed allied forces in France. Defeat was inevitable. An attempt on his life failed, and in retaliation he executed 5,000 of his own men by slow strangulation with a wire.

As the Red Army drove the Germans back, American air raids increasing, and the Western Allied advancing, Hitler realized the war was over. He was warned to flee to Bavaria, but he was determined to either live or die in his bunker in Germany. Massive Soviet units were rapidly advancing toward the bunker. He launched a tirade against the treachery and incompetence of his commanders. He was informed that on 28 April Mussolini was savagely murdered. With the Soviets just outside his bunker, Hitler committed suicide by shooting himself in the head while biting on a cyanide capsule. Soviet archives stated the bodies of Hitler, Eva Braun, Joseph Goebbels and his six children, General Hans Kreb were reportedly doused with gasoline and set afire. Hitler’s dogs were secretly buried in Brandenburg, an explosive end to Hitler’s desire to conquer the world.


The real purpose of this story concerning Hitler’s life was written because virtually all of the hundreds of books about him are based on speculation of his health. Numerous psychologists have all written the same thing: A diagnosis of his so called conditions prompted large volumes mostly to elevate their own prestige, and nearly all without any proof, only speculation and hearsay. This article was researched and is truthful to the best of my knowledge. Therefore due to the speculation I can only assume that most of the writings are strictly a matter of opinion without any proof.

Hitler was reported to have had skin lesions, irritable bowl syndrome, irregular heart beat, Parkinson’s Disease, syphilis, Asperger syndrome, constipation, and an addiction to methamphetamines. He had eczema on his legs, and both eardrums were ruptured as a result of the plot on his life in 1944. This is only a short list of over 25 reported. What is known is that he had major problems with his teeth. His personal dentist Hugo Blaschke stated he applied a large dental bridge to his upper jaw, and later surgically cut off part of the bridge due to a gum infection. Another somewhat humorous claim was that he had only one testicle. He also complained of stomach pains, and had a non cancerous polyp removed from his throat. As debated as Hitler’s physical medical issues may be, his mental health is a minefield of theories and speculation. Such were supposed problems of the evil psychopath.

The only complimentary acts was that he was a great animal lover, protesting animal slaughter. He was often pictured with his German shepherd. He was a non smoker and promoted anti-smoking campaigns throughout Germany.

Hitler made many military mistakes, the two most important were his neglect of the Atomic program, and his opening a second front by attacking Russia. The question of whether he was a madman is apparent. We can agree that he came from a poor family and had no education. He was obsessed with his own self, also a huge obsession with the military. He loved Germany, and became a most influential and dynamic speaker. Millions admired him. He never listened to his military leaders and made most of the crucial decisions on his own. By making mistake after mistake he finally brought down the entire country.

Here in the U.S. we have had many mass murderers, such as Charles Manson, We say that anyone that kills a few people "must be insane." Then what is the sanity of a man who kills over 11 million, including 6 million Jews. What kind of man would issue an order to kill all children with any type of mental or physical problem such as a deformity. What kind of man would murder 5,000 of his own people, and kill anyone who was opposed to him. Including thousands of homosexuals and the poor who needed help. Consider that Hitler was the master of death as the world has never known, responsible for killing more people than any human since the earth began. This man was Adolf Hitler, and you must admit he was totally insane,

Researched by website historian Wayland Mayo

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