This war ripped our country apart, very similar to our war with Iraq.

The United States apparently did not learn anything from the defeat in Korea. The French were in a war with North Vietnam and not doing very good. In fact they were soundly defeated. Was the United States interested in getting into another war? You bet. McNamara analyzed the enemy potential and reported to the President the U.S. could send 30,000 troops and defeat North Vietnam in three months. There was something different about this war. The enemy did not have a Navy, no real Air Force, and only a loosely organized bunch of peasants. So the United States once again made the big mistake. They underestimated the enemy. With over a half million men, the U.S. still was soundly defeated and had to run for their lives. The Vietnamese were using a technique that would live to haunt us to this day. Individuals with an AK- 47 and a bag of rice devastated our troops.

This war created an uproar in the U.S. as thousands protested in very ugly demonstrations. Two questions? Was the enemy underestimated, and did we really have a will to win? Our B-52s and other aircraft met increasing resistance. We were certain that our massive airstrikes would subdue them, but accurate anti-aircraft fire and droves of missiles quickly taught us that this war was over our heads. The whole world including Jane Fonda demonstrated against our involvement. Finally we got an education in warfare as we were forced to run for our lives.

We are doing the same thing again in Iraq. No plan, no desire to win, insufficient troops, and no way to stop the terrorist. Complete incompetence by men like Rumsfeld and Bush are responsible for our failure.

One thing we never hear much about. What about our men who lost their lives or were seriously wounded because our administration wanted another war.


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