At one time the U.S. was a safe, proud, nation. Our factories were operating at full speed, our production unmatched.

The years have caught up with me now, but I still have fond memories of growing up in a small town in this wonderful country. I was born in the eastern part of North Carolina, of a middle income family. The town of about 12,000 at that time was a peaceful, quiet place to live. Everyone knew everyone, and it was a great place to live. No murders, rapes, drive by shootings, violent gang warfare, aids, and few divorces. Everything was based on a family atmosphere with respect for parents. I do not remember anyone on drugs. We enjoyed going to the beach and sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. We were all friends, no armed gangs to ruin your life. A favorite at the beach was singing “Old Smokey” and “Old Shep”, and “Let the Rest of the World Go By”. There was no break- dancing or filthy rap crap. These were genuine great get-togethers of good clean fun.

So what happened to this happy carefree way of life? It has long gone, never to return. I had a boat, lived on the river, and really enjoyed boating and fishing. My friends, a lot of whom have passed on, are still in contact with me. We talk about “the good old days”. I remember every Saturday going to my grandmother’s house and working for her cleaning up the yard, and sweeping the porch. For my work I was paid One Dollar. I walked about seven blocks into town where I got a haircut for 25 cents. I went to a movie for 25 cents. I went to the popular drug store which had a wonderful soda fountain, and got a beautiful banana split for 25 cents. I still had 25 cents left so I went to the 5 and 10 cent store where I bought toy soldiers for my collection. Yes, it was a great life, and I was very happy. What happened that everyone ended up in jail after becoming a thief or a pervert? I grew up in a nice atmosphere with lots of good friends I respected and loved. The downfall of the American family eventually led to the downfall of our beloved country.


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