We entered the wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Before June 25, 1950, very few Americans had ever heard of South Korea. When the invasion of the south by North Korea began, the United States had absolutely no reason to get involved in this conflict. Our military judgment was that we could send a few thousand troops over and subdue the north in short order. We thought they would run in fear of our great military capability. Not quite! One thing I learned after four years of military science and tactics was “never underestimate the enemy”. What was our plan? Why did we get ourselves involved in an unnecessary war so soon after WWII? We found out very quickly that North Korea was not going to be a pushover. Our aging B-29 fleet would pulverize every inch of the north. Well not really, the MiG-15 put a stop to our flights of bombers coming over from Japan and Okinawa. Our highest ranking military leaders questioned General MacArthur if he had any knowledge of repercussions from China and Russia as we got near the Yalu River. He advised them not to worry and to proceed with all speed to the Yalu. Then guess what? Thousands of Chinese troops stormed across the Yalu catching the U.S. unprepared either in manpower or equipment. A complete disaster was in the making. The U.S. retreated in great haste back toward the 38th parallel. We then decided maybe we should talk to them to avoid a pending war with China. This soon became "The wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Regardless of what the media reported, in plain and simple language, we got beat and had to run. When our troops returned home there were no parades or waving flags. We were completely ignored, and still are to this day. We had just participated in “The Forgotten War”. This became the first war the U.S. became involved in without a “will to win”.

The Korean War is long over and we can forget it now. Well not exactly. You see our lack of a will to win left the entire situation up in the air. The great U.S. looked like a wimp. Who would have thought that over 50 years later we would be faced with another threat from North Korea, only this time with nuclear arms and a million man army, well trained and disciplined. Did I mention the real threat? They are controlled by a very dangerous madman who hates the United States.


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