When the republic of Korea reissued the Korean War service medal to commemorate the 50TH anniversary of the war, I applied immediately. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised upon receiving mine as to how very nice it was. No one had ever said "thank you" before, not that I expected it, but the thought was certainly appropriate. Most of the veterans I have had contact with still have theirs in the original envelope, seldom viewed. I have my awards, crew pictures, etc. on a wall that I can look at each time I sit in my favorite chair. I figured this award could also be made into an attractive display. I bought a 16X20 frame, separated the two letters, and mounted the Korean letter on the left and the English version on the right with spray rubber cement. They were mounted on cardboard which is light blue. I put in a half inch red border. The letters are separated two inches, and the medal and ribbon mounted directly in the center. You will need to place a thin cardboard spacer strip to allow for the thickness of the medal. This makes a beautiful conversation piece. Don't put yours in a drawer to be seen once a year, if that often. This display is one you can be proud of; I am pleased every time I look at mine.

Photo and instructions by Wayland Mayo

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