Starting with Korea, the U.S. really had no real "will to win" as in WW11.
Same thing in Vietnam, and now a repeat in Iraq.

There is a never ending list of incidents to which the U.S. failed to respond. When Muslim extremist destroyed our Marine Barracks in Beirut killing hundreds of our very best men, we did nothing. When Iran took over our embassy and held them hostage, we did respond. We suffered irreparable damage to our prestige when the attempt to rescue them collapsed. Seems we just can’t get it right. When a handful of men attacked and almost sank the Cole, nothing was done. We could have at least asked them not to do that again. This whole situation has been like a bad joke.

Probably the greatest damage ever done to another country was when a handful of Muslims from Saudi Arabia hijacked several passenger aircraft and crashed them into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. We knew exactly where they came from. Our greatest defeat ever, had happened, with over three thousand dead, and what did we do? I guess not very much.

The U.S. continues with the WWI idea of large quantities of troops with fixed bayonets engaged in hand to hand fighting. That is why we are getting beat in Iraq, with three thousand killed and over twelve thousand wounded. Our B-52 fleet is over 50 years old. We had to stop sending them over Hanoi due to deadly missile launches. We must forget about conventional warfare and develop a complete missile system guided by satellites. The cruise missile is a deadly weapon. Why send a pilot when our missiles can do it without loss of life. Look what Hamas did to Israel with their primitive rockets. The submarine is our best offensive weapon. Very difficult to detect it can be used as a first strike weapon. The primitive tank can be taken out by a few children with bottles of gasoline. Our entire fleet could be destroyed with a missile such as the Exocet. If you think not, take a look at the Falkland Islands incident. Heat seeking and laser guided missiles can make a bad day for any Air Force. I must point out that we must think of large amounts of missiles fired by well trained technicians. No need to lose fifty thousand men in an altercation with a small country. Warfare has changed, and the U.S. must change their whole way of thinking. If not we are headed for more Vietnams and Koreas.


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