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After stripping the paint from the aft fuselage of the aircraft, hundreds of names and personal messages were found scratched in the aluminum skin. During the plane's war bond tour, people were allowed to leave their mark on this war-time hero.There are unconfirmed reports that during the Memphies Belle's tour of the United States on a promotional program for the Air Force that while being piloted by Asheville Native Robert Morgan he flew the plane between the City Courthouse and the City Hall of Asheville, NC. The story states that Morgan and his crew, while on a promotional tour, were leaving the Asheville Regional Airport and decided that, being a town hero, he should give the people of Asheville something to remember and have a little fun in the process. Morgan piloted the plane low over the east side of Beaucatcher Mountain, nearly cutting grass as he cleared the mountain top, he then flew the plane down the backside of the mountain toward Downtown Asheville and doing a partial roll, flew the plane between the Asheville City Courthouse and the City hall (two tall buildings that are only about fifty feet apart). Morgan was admonished by his superiors, but the act was so impressive that no charges were ever filed.

Memphis Belle Linda Morgan and Friends, ctsy:NMUSAF

Memphis Belle Pilot's widow LindaMorgan and Bud Brinkmeyer at NMUSAF

Memphis Belle Restoration USAF photo by Jeff Fisherby

Source: Wikipedia

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