B-29s Suffer Major Damage by Mig-15s in the
Black Tuesday Over Namsi Raid

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Message from Lt. Col Earl Mcgill

Viewers of your website will probably be interested in knowing that my new book,
BLACK TUESDAY OVER NAMSI, A TRUE HISTORY OF THE EPIC AIR BATTLE OF THE KOREAN WAR, has been published and is available for purchase from Heritage Books, Inc. 1-800-876-6103.

The book chronicles the calamitous B-29 daylight-bombing mission flown by the 307th Bombardment Wing on 23 October 1951 against Namsi Airfield. What many experts consider the epic air battle of the Korean War and perhaps the greatest jet engagement in the history of aerial warfare has largely become another forgotten battle in a forgotten war. I present the facts and circumstances of the mission from first briefing to final landing. The book records, from verifiable historical documents, the broader events and conditions that led up to the confrontation, plus the first-hand accounts of aircrew members and ground personnel who were there (including my own). BOTH THE ALLIED AND SOVIET PERSPECTIVES are examined; statements made by the Mig pilots describe the attack; and eyewitnesses to the event have supplied never before published photographs of the mission and its aftermath, including the aerial photo of the Namsi Airfield that was used to plan the mission. His thoroughly researched narrative history is enhanced by numerous photographs, a bibliography, and an index to full names, places and subjects.

I'm pleased to report that BLACK TUESDAY has received five, five-star ratings by independent reviewers that can be read on the Amazon website. One reviewer wrote this about BLACK TUESDAY, "Its presentation is riveting". To say its top shelf is both accurate and an understatement. There's comparatively little written on the Korean War; this battle is completely covered and a must read. From the background to the aftermath, you can't put it down.

Additional ordering information has also been posted on my website, B-29s in the Korean War.

By Wayland Mayo-Website historian

As a collector of military books, particularly the Korean Air War, I find they mostly cover previously known subjects. How could so many writers neglect to even mention the most important aerial encounter between the aging B-29 and the super fast Mig-15? 58 years have gone by with very little information released by our government. As time flies by it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain authoritative information. That is exactly why it took Lt. Col. Earl Mcgill seven years to research this air battle which really put an end to the manned bomber. Due to his perseverance and first hand knowledge of our B-29 raids we are fortunate to have such an authoritative masterpiece. Not only are the military facts listed in great detail, but his writing style
Is superior to previous stories of this forgotten battle of a forgotten war. I have read this book several times and it brings back memories of long ago. I feel like I am actually there.

The Namsi raid was basically a tragic encounter of our lumbering B-29 against the high performance Mig-15 jet. I am certain that most who read this book will be ex AF personnel who want an authentic account from both sides. For those of you not 100% familiar with these raids may I present a very brief mention of the two participants:

The B-29 in WWII was a superb bomber possessing all the latest technology. It carried 20,000 pounds of bombs, was pressurized, and had a superb Central Fire Control system which controlled the twelve 50 Cal. machine guns. During WWII they shot down hundreds of Japanese planes. General Curtis Lemay sent waves of hundreds of B-29s loaded with incendiary and napalm bombs which virtually burned every city in Japan to the ground. More damage was done by these incendiary raids than by the two A-bombs. Passing of time presented a problem. At a speed of 300 mph it simply could not handle the swarms of 650 mph Russian made Mig-15 jets, flown by well experienced Russian pilots. The 50 cal. Machine guns were no match against the Mig which carried three cannons, two 23mm and one 37mm.These cannons did tremendous damage to the B-29s.

Lt. Col. Earl Mcgill has done a masterful job of providing intricate detail of the raids, as very little information has ever been reported. The bottom line is this book is a masterpiece, I urge everyone, military and non military, to give it a try. I promise you will be right there in the raid.

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