Terrorism will eventually overcome the U.S. as prophesied.

Why Did It Happen?

As a result of these terrorist acts, America and the world will never be the same. The anger, sadness and confusion that engulfed this country were overwhelming. Americans learned firsthand what the Israelis have been enduring since 1948.
The headlines of most next-day newspapers around the world screamed of what happened. The pictures of the actual attacks, and the sounds and pictures of people shrieking, crying, running in terror and running to banks and gas stations are images that are indelibly stamped in the minds of the hundreds of millions of people all over the world who watched this event play out in slow motion and instant replay.
America has long been known for its “fighting spirit.” People in great numbers wanted her to retaliate. Many voices said, “We must do something!” This time, in the end, America’s fighting spirit will not prevail. We will soon learn why.
While most were initially occupied with the question of “WHO did this?” (and this article will emphatically answer this question), the first important question that must be answered is “WHY did it happen?”
The United States of America, along with the democratic and generally English-speaking peoples of the Western World, are the modern-day nations that have descended from the tribes of ancient Israel. The Israelis are merely one of the twelve tribes (Judah) that descended from the patriarch Jacob, whose name was later changed to Israel.

The fact that these enormous buildings could even be destroyed at all has struck a kind of fear in people never known before in this country. In the same way, Americans, like those who rode the Titanic saying, “God Himself couldn’t sink this ship,” probably felt that the failed attempt on the Twin Towers, in 1993, meant that our great buildings were more secure than we now recognize them to be. The 9/11 attack shook a people who desperately needed to be shaken!

Photo: MCT

Source: The Real Truth Magazine
By: David C. Pack

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