Terrorism will eventually overcome the U.S. as prophesied.

A Day That Changed America and the World Forever
The reality of terrorism grows around the world. Now almost a daily routine, the scope and severity of each new savage, barbaric act seems to exceed the previous one. These acts are perpetrated by shadowy organizations that are difficult to identify and even harder to find. Why is this happening? Who is behind it? When will it end and what should it mean to you? Here are the answers!


Many times, I have stood at the top of the World Trade Center on the same kind of crystal clear day that prevailed September 11, 2001. When I was assigned as a minister to New York City, in the mid-1970s, and again in the late 1980s, I often enjoyed taking people on tours of these enormous buildings. Of course, for five years no one has stood on top of the towers.
As we approach the 5th anniversary of this event, let’s look back prior to 2001. Many have forgotten that the World Trade Center was struck for the first time, on February 26, 1993, by terrorist bombers. One day later, on February 27, I gave a sermon in which I stated that terrorism was going to come to our shores—in a very big way—in the future. Few sitting in the audience believed me.
My sermon was titled “Truth.” Below is an excerpted portion about terrorism, though reading it does not convey the emotion in which I made the statement:
“As our society comes apart—and I don’t know how many times, brethren, through the years, I have said, I have mentioned in sermons, I’ve said our society is going to come apart. Sooner or later, terrorism—the reality of the ugliness of this world, a world that does not have the truth—will strike our society. I don’t know how many times I have been right at the spot where a terrorist blew up the bottom of the North Tower, the Twin Towers. I’ve been there. I can picture the chaos as though I’m there right now.
“‘Oh, no, no, no, all that kind of stuff happens in the Third World. That happens in South America. That happens in the Middle East, in Israel and other places.’ Listen, when you can damage that much—the damage was tremendous from that car bomb—why, terrorists are going to find they are kids with new toys.
“Seven groups were so excited by what happened that [they] called in and said, ‘We did it.’ Now only one of them did it. Six of them were lying. That’s not my point. But people were just thrilled to get credit for that kind of damage, in this world where people speak falsehood, and ‘bend their tongue like bows for lies.’
“You know, the reality of this world is moving closer to us as God’s people.”
The reason I could so boldly state that terrorism would eventually happen in the United States is because Herbert W. Armstrong began warning of it in the 1970s, in a ministry that spanned 52 years (1934-1986). In a clear and forceful way, until the day of his death, he continued to warn of prophesied terrible calamities to come upon our lands.

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