Can a nation exist with everyone on drugs, nobody working, and
all money going to other countries?

Picture, if you will, the United States not more than a couple of years from now. When China buys General Motors and Ford, thousands of workers will be terminated. With nearly every company in the U.S. owned by foreign interest, where will our more than 300 million people find jobs? Is it possible for a country with nobody working, the dollar devaluated, hospitals, schools and cities bankrupt, for everyone to drive a new SUV, and live in a half million dollar house? All our money will be going out to China, as it is now. After spending the many billions of dollars in Iraq, our trade deficit will continue to grow. In fact we will have no trade as other countries continue to overtake us. When we outsource our products, laying off our workers, the countries then sell our products back to us. Our political leaders are responsible for this failure of our nation. Yes, outsourcing was the beginning of the end. We sent all our union controlled 27 dollar an hour jobs to countries willing to work for 5 dollars an hour. The drug trade is booming, most coming from Mexico, and supplying our young people with a substantial amount. Where do they get the large sums of money to support the habit? The drug trade is exploding. With 20 million illegal Mexicans already in the U.S. it is easy to see the problems of an additional 100 million. The democrats will surely grant amnesty.

You be the judge. Can a nation, with nobody working, no factories, all money going out, and millions of people on drugs possibly exist? Can this really be possible?



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