As I wrote this article on AGENT ORANGE I realized the horrible consequences of our actions in using chemical warfare on innocent children. The more I got into it the more I became concerned. I acquired many photos of deformed children, and in selecting a few for this story I became very nauseated when I realized the lives that have been ruined. Most of the photos were so gruesome that I just did not have the heart to show what Americans have done. So I cut the number down, and what you see are nothing compared to how most of the children were affected. May God forgive the ones responsible for this form of genocide.

Deformed victim of AGENT ORANGE - Ctsy,

Typical victim of AGENT ORANGE - Ctsy,

The most controversial part of the Vietnam War was the U.S. widespread use of toxic chemicals between 1961 and 1971, used to defoliate large parts of the countryside. These chemicals continue to change the landscape, cause diseases and horrible birth defects, and poison the food supply. Millions of gallons of AGENT ORANGE were sprayed over South East Asia during their involvement. As we are told the Holocaust never happened, and there was no Japanese brutality in WW11, the U.S. is quietly covering up this catastrophe. The blame all boils down to one person, Admiral Elmo Zumwalt. Very seldom will you see his name mentioned, but he takes 100% responsibility for this tragic torture and ruined lives.

ADMIRAL ZUMWALT - Ctsy, Wikipedia

In a twist of fate, as Zumwalt pressed to saturate more and more areas with poison, his own son who was running a river boat died from the AGENT ORANGE his father had so harshly demanded to be spread. The Kennedy administration also assumes much blame for this shameful process which brought so much grief to so many people, mostly children. Kennedy had the USAF spray 20 million gallons of concentrated herbicides over 6 million acres, affecting 13% of South Vietnams land.

American aircraft spraying AGENT ORANGE Dioxin - Ctsy,

American soldier holding the remains of a VC - Ctsy,

The Wall Street Journal reported up to a half million children were born with dioxin-related deformities, and led to the deaths of 1000 peasants and 13,000 livestock. In 2006, the Vietnamese Government estimated over 4 million victims of dioxin poisoning. As to be expected, the U.S. has taken the stand that dioxin really never hurt anyone. In some areas dioxin levels remain over 100 times the accepted International Standard. The U.S. Veterans Administration has listed prostate cancer, Respiratory cancer, multiple myeloma, type 11 diabetes, hodgkins disease, lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma, chloracne, porphyria cutanea, tarda, peripheral neuropathy, and spina bifida in CHILDREN of VETERANS exposed to AGENT ORANGE, renal cancer, testicular cancer, leukemia, spontaneous abortion, nasal cancer, bone cancer, female reproductive cancer, infant death and stillbirths, low birth weight, childhood cancers, urinary and bladder cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon and rectal cancer, and brain tumors.

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