Yes, I love this country. At one time it stood for honor, decency, and respect.

I am proud to be a patriotic American. I love America. I risked my life 50 times in the Korean War, and if given the chance I would gladly do it again. No, I do not agree with the many decisions made to engage in a war with Vietnam and Korea.
However, the decision was made and as a proud member of the Strategic Air Command I gave it my best shot. During the years since WWII our family values and way of life have changed drastically. I am always touched when I hear “Taps”, or see a flyover, especially the missing man formation. Yes, I am always proud when I hear the Star Spangled Banner, or see our troops marching in formation. Our Pledge of Allegiance is being done away with. We do not have to stand when saying it, and must not say “under God”. Our government officials have repeatedly changed our way of life, such as doing away with the Ten Commandments, and allowing same sex marriage and receive government benefits. Let’s face it, we are being pressured to remove our Christmas tree, we cannot say “Merry Christmas”. Its happy holidays. The final blow will be when we get rid of Santa Claus. Our congress does nothing but spend money, not by millions but by billions. The U.S. will never exist long enough to pay off our national debt, now in the trillions. There is absolutely nothing ever done, or not done, that is not politically motivated for personal gain. I grieve for the millions of men who fought so diligently in places like Iwo Jima or Okinawa. Yes I grieve each time I visit a military cemetery and see all the thousands of white crosses so perfectly lined up. It hurts to see our country taken over by gangs and drug addicts. God help this changing country return to our acceptable way of life. Yes, I am a patriotic American.


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